We were approached to build an online store, not dissimilar to ebay, but for wholesale buying and selling.  As of December 1st 2022, we are approaching completion.  We have built this application in native Django using a css template to give us a good headstart.  We approached the project through 6 milestones:

  • Project Setup & Landing Page
  • Login/Signup Page, Pages for buyer side (List of Product w/ pagination, product detail page, cart list page, checkout form)
  • Last remaining buyer side page (Payment Page), Pages for seller side (uploaded products page, upload product form, list of orders page), backend (create database design/model and define relations)
  • Common APIs for seller and buyer, create API for seller side, create API for buyer side
  • Third Party API integration for shipping, admin dashboard layout customization for site control
  • Unit testing and test coverage report, deployment (setup dev and prod environment), setup AWS postgres, procfile

The payment functionality uses the Stripe payment gateway and we included postage functionality, where cost of postage depends on weight, size, to and from delivery addresses using Shippo

Example Work

Here is a random example of some of our work.

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