We have been contracted by Risk Data Science on multiple projects, namely:

  1. evt.RiskDataScience.net (more details below),
  2. Association-Analysis.RiskDataScience.Net (Association Analysis is a statistical built on the work of https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/a-statistical-analysis-of-the-work-of-bob-ross/.)
  3. FXRisk.RiskDataScience.net (FXRisk is a Foreign Exchange Risk calculator),
  4. Bauordnungen.RiskDataScience.net (Provides analysis of laws in German provinces) and
  5. Regulytics.RiskDataScience.net (online tool to compare regulatory text and assess financial risk)

Extreme Value Theory (evt.RishDataScience.net)

A wide variety of areas - from weather to operational losses in companies to financial markets - are characterized by the occurrence of random events.

Here, it is often the extreme events that are decisive - like whether a company survives an economic crisis or a dike survives a flood.

A quantitative assessment of extreme events is hence of crucial importance, especially for risk management.

However, this is complicated since there is often little data available. Hence, AI methods are hardly applicable and traditional statistics often fail.

A remedy for this is the Extreme Value Theory, which allows the quantification of extreme events for a wide range of cases.

This app enables convenient extreme value analyses based on uploaded data to get a sense of possible extreme events.

Example Work

Here is a random example of some of our work.