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Django-oscar is an open-source ecommerce framework for Django.  Oscar makes few assumptions about your project, allowing virtually any part of the framework to be extended and customised. In this way, complex business rules can be captured in an elegant and cohesive way.  We've built a simple demonstration shop for you at ShopDemo

The are several in-built payment methods, including PayPal GoCardless and Payment Express.  It also provides full stock control, promotions and vouchers.

Product review functionality is included so you get customer feedback (confirmed by Shopowner if required).

DashboardShopowner Dashboard

The shopowner dashboard allows you to create products, manage stock, review sales etc.  Take a look at the demo site and login using demo@example.com, (password demo1234) to take a look.   Feel free to create new products and categories.

Please do not change the front page text or add anything inappropriate.



StoreProduct Categories

Products are allocated to Categories, allowing quick and easy search facilities.  Clicking on a product takes you into the product details, or you can simply add a product from the listing page.





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Example Work

Here is a random example of some of our work.