Assess 360

Assess360 is a powerful self-awareness tool.  Using LinkedIn as the go between, Assess360 enables you to get free, honest and anonymous feedback from your colleagues


In today's hectic work environment we're always looking for identifying our strenghts and opportunities for improvement.  But getting feedback from colleagues can be expensive and time-consuming.  Also, the feedback is often shared with managers and human resoruces which can cause some reticence to completing the surveys honestly.  We needed a way to allow people to get personal feedback that was quick, cheap, honest, anonymous and helpful.


Simply visit Assess360, log in using your LinkedIn credentials and send a link to your colleagues asking them to complete the survey about you.  Your colleagues will receive the link, click through and complete the simple survey.  It is literally a set of tick boxes.



You can then visit your dashboard and see your results clearly laid out in sections based on Positive, Personal, Transferable, Knowledge Based and Opportunities for Improvement.  Some responses will show in multiple categories.




Client Comments

I love it. ... Continuous improvement, customer journey mapping, CX, colleague engagement, VoC/CSAT/NPS

Technical Specification

  • Linux 16.04 VPS Server
  • Apache
  • MySQL Database
  • Bespoke program written in Python 2.7.12 using Django Framework 1.10.6
  • HTTPS / SSL encryption provided through Let's Encrypt

Example Work

Here is a random example of some of our work.

Abysm Internal Shop