Levels To This Game

Job Specification

I want a website which i can upload players and other sportsmen/women into my website and which allows fans to vote which person in that league or for instance in the world cup shows which player embodies the saying levels to this game. That is the premise of the site fans get to vote on which player they believe embodies that saying and i will also have a section named as the hall of fame for athletes in history who have embodied that saying.
This is the premise of the site to give fans the opportunity to vote for a player in any sport which embodies that saying, they will be alowed to vote once a week and will need to sign in each time they do and so they dont have more than one vote per week for each catergory of sport.
Moreover, the voting will be stopped at the end of the year for sports such as boxing it will end in a year but for football and other league and tournament sports it will end at the end of the tournament or league. Also it will be applicable to other stars depending on certain events etc.

How to Play

Users can view polls and current results at any time through the various search facilities.  In order to vote, users first must register with the site.  The can then vote by finding a poll that interests them.  This could be by category, at which point they will see a list of polls available.  Selecting by Category gives a list of polls within that Category.



Selecting a poll then gives you the opportunity to vote and see the current results.

Admin can create and delete polls.  They also decide how often you can vote on a specific poll and how many points you get for voting in a poll, and points make badges in Levels To This Game.



Client Feedback

Very good and very helpful throughout the process.

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