Our client's idea was to have a series of on-line tests available to recruiters.  If you are looking for a specific skillset, eg Python programming, then simply ask the candidate to take the on-line test and review their score.  But the site goes further; organisations can generate their own on-line tests to look at specific skill sets.  Questions are timed to ensure the candidate isn't getting all the answers from other on-line resources.  Results can be viewed against the cohort of candidates that have taken the tests.  Longer term, the plan is to compare results against success in the company.

Web Application

The web application takes the user through each quiz.  Your results are checked as you progress so you can see exactly which questions you are getting right and wrong.  Having completed the tests you can share your result via various social media.


Client Feedback

Very quick turnaround time, excellent communication skills, very skillful, i never had to explain anything more than once. Henry adds value to the project which no other dev I worked with did. I am looking forward to work with Henry again asap and would definitely recommend for python/django/html/css related projects.
Keep it up Henry

Example Work

Here is a random example of some of our work.

MGA Movies Game